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Setting off with the principle of “HUMAN FIRST”, MUSTAFA HASANOĞLU FOUNDATION was founded by Hasanoğlu Family, intimate friends of the family and businessmen with the aim of maintaining the tradition of solidarity started with Mustafa Hasanoğlu survived up to our time and executing the benefits under a corporate roof in a stable manner.

The basic principle of our Foundation is to enable our children to be reintegrated with society for witnessing “bright faces” in the future of Turkey and to adopt continuous improvement in the fields of Education, Science, Learning, Health, Environment, Art and Literature and to prepare our youth for a prestigious, productive and hopeful future and to meet spiritual needs of the society and to shed light on the hopes and futures of those in need of social and health benefits and to contribute to the unity and togetherness of our country.


Based on spreading and development of pecuniary and non-pecuniary solidarity and assistance feature MUSTAFA HASANOGLU FOUNDATION has the mission to support the education of people of all ages, especially in all levels of education, to protect and sustain their human and moral values, to ensure that our children and youth to be healthy, knowledgeable, moral, cultured, educated, respectful to the environment, committed to national and spiritual values, and have professions.

In line with this target, our foundation conducts co-operations with other foundations operating in this area to open all kinds of educational institutions for studies of students, to conduct promoting activities to support their material and spiritual development, to provide in-kind and cash assistance to the people in need, to open facilities people with disabilities and protected children and young people.

Operations & Programs

Give scholarships to students at all education levels including pre-primary education, elementary school, high school, associate degree, bachelor’s, master’s degree, specialization education, doctoral, post-doctoral levels…
Nurseries and kindergartens, elementary, high school and college, classroom, study center, sports facilities and sports organizations, sports and art schools pursuant to the terms and conditions stipulated in the applicable legislations…
Children’s house for children who are under state protection, orphans, and children in need of care subject to obtainment of necessary legal permits and making of necessary protocols.
Any and all publications with educational, scientific, literary, artistic and cultural content; publications appropriate to the spiritual and historical values of the society; set up website in electronic and virtual environment…
Hold cultural and social meetings in accordance with the purposes of the foundation, establish libraries and reading halls to ensure people to read, and reading books to people in all ages…
Conduct and ensure conducting of practical and theoretical researches in all science branches, promote such works, support the researches, and become involved in the scientific operations to be made on such topics…
Collaboration with all civil society organizations including associations and foundations operating abroad in accordance with the national and international legislations and in line with the purposes of the Foundation…
Conduct operations to increase environment protection consciousness, collaborate with public and private organizations and entities to set up green areas and conduct forestation activities…


We would be very happy to host you at our Headquarters.
Bahçeşehir 2. Kısım Mah. Pazartürk Cad. BANU EVLERİ Sitesi, HASANOĞLU Genel Merkez Binası No: 39 BF/1 Başakşehir / İSTANBUL
(212) 669 84 90 – 91
Preliminary Request

Fill in the preliminary request form so that you will get detailed information about our projects and not miss the early investment opportunities.

Preliminary Request

Fill in the preliminary request form so that you will get detailed information about our projects and not miss the early investment opportunities.

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